30th September 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Olympic Studions, Screening Room
Church Rd
Barnes, London SW13 9HL
Untamed Romania @ Olympic Studions, Screening Room | England | United Kingdom

Untamed Romania (România Neîmblânzită) is a feature-length film celebrating Romania’s astounding natural beauty and sheer diversity of wild animals. Vast mountains, ancient forests and expansive wetlands provide undisturbed habitats to many of the continent’s iconic creatures.

From the forested slopes of the Carpathian Mountains where bears, wolves and lynx roam free, to the wind blown waters of the Danube Delta where pelicans take to the skies.

Untamed Romania will reveal how the country’s creatures adapt to the varying seasons, and how forests in particular are crucial to their existence.

Romania’s forests and wetlands are some of the last strongholds of Europe’s wildlife. But this could change. The last of the continent’s true wilderness is in danger. Illegal logging slowly erodes the ancient forests. Unlicensed hunting and fishing could devastate entire species, destroying the delicate relationships they share with their environment forever.

But all is not lost. In order to bring the country’s beauty to the big screen, the Untamed Romania team worked extensively with NGOs, rewilding projects and national parks dedicated to protecting and preserving Romania’s natural treasures.

The hope for Untamed Romania, along with its associated marketing campaigns, will not only be to educate and spread awareness of Romania’s sweeping beauty, it will also encourage the nation to respect and conserve, arguably, one of the country’s greatest assets.