30th September 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Olympic Studions, Screening Room
Church Rd
Barnes, London SW13 9HL
Untamed Romania @ Olympic Studions, Screening Room | England | United Kingdom

This film is a unique production that reveals the beauty of Romania as it is, raw, magical but fragile at the same time. In the heart of Europe, there is a fabulous wildlife, rich in biodiversity, home to numerous wild animals. The endless mountain peaks and river streams, ancient forests, all provide home to various creatures. Their lives are dictated by the seasons of these lands of beauty. It’s a never ending battle for survival and Untamed Romania will tell their stories. Who will survive the trials of life in this ever changing environment?

This film is a gift offered to the Romanian people, made by Auchan Retail Romania with the occasion of the centenary of the Great Union. It is supported by Auchan Retail Romania and the Environmental NGO The European Nature Trust, and produced by British Production House Off the Fence.

“Some things must remain as they are” is the message this documentary wants to promote. It is an invitation to knowledge, responsibility, and appreciation meant to raise awareness on the fragile wildlife of this country.