Sponsors of Barnes Film Festival 2016

TENT – The European Nature Trust (TENT) supports and funds initiatives which preserve and restore wild habitats in Europe. Our core project areas are the Highlands of Scotland and the forests of Romania.

London’s premier Dolby Atmos surround sound cinema. Screening the latest releases along with classic cinema across two screens with comfy, reclining seats, love seats and sofas.
Housed in the legendary home of the eponymous Olympic recording Studios in Barnes, West London. It’s an amazing venue that began as a cinema, was for many years one of the world’s leading recording studios, and is now, once again a cinema.

The iconic German audio brand, has made a significant impact on the evolution of audio technology over the decades. From the world’s first “open” headphones to present-day innovations like uncompressed wireless audio transmission, which helps preserve the purity of sound, and streaming systems for people with sight and hearing impairments, the company has constantly been at the forefront of audio innovation.

The Barnes Community Association campaigns on behalf of the people of Barnes and raises funds for local good causes. It is involved in a number of local festivals including the annual Barnes Fair, The Barnes Food Fair and the Barnes Christmas Festival. The BCA is proud to be one of the inaugural sponsors of the Barnes Film Festival.


Founded in 1933 the BFI combines cultural, creative and industrial roles in film. Working with its partner Into Film and with schools, teachers, youth groups and families, the BFI introduces the power of film, both as an art form and as a tool for all kinds of learning. BFI Future Film, the BFI Film Academy and our hands-on programmes discover and support potential in those who want to make and shape the future of film, regardless of where they live or their background.


FilmDebate has two main goals. The first; film criticism & journalism. This encompasses writing reviews, articles, debates and more and covers all aspects of film and cinema.

The second; film networking & promotion.

FilmDebate will promote the work of others, whether it is a script, a film, or any form of media, in the hope of building a film network in which people can promote and be promoted, as well as offering a range of articles and reviews.

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Redshift provides strategic advice at the leading edge of the technical and commercial developments in the connected digital world. With deep sector knowledge and experience, we work with leading stakeholders across the telecoms, internet, media and digitised sectors to help them achieve on-going growth through effective strategies in network infrastructure, content, data analytics and monetisation, customer engagement, investments and partnerships.

The Redshift team have been strategy advisors to senior executives in these sectors for over 20 years and have worked on hundreds of projects all over the world.

Barnes Film Academy gives young people the chance to create their own film, animations and documentaries and become a screen star! A filming course for young screenwriters, actors, and cinematography aged between 6 and 14, taking place in various venues around Barnes & Putney in the school holidays. They run a variety of courses from 1 day to 1 week at a time. The Academy is open to anyone. Led by a team of experienced professionals, the academy aims to inspire young stars.  Their past films and making of documentaries can be found here.

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British fashion label, Ally Bee Knitwear, is once again supporting Barnes Film Festival for 2017. Ally Bee is a sustainable fashion label producing premium knitwear collections for women from responsibly sourced yarns from around the world. Collections include contemporary sweaters, cardigans and accessories of scarves, hats and gloves in sustainable cashmere, merino and British alpaca. Designed in south-west London and crafted in Scotland and England and in India where Ally Bee produces limited edition garments through a artisan woman’s project in rural Tamil Nadu. Available online at ally-bee.com Instagram @allybeeknitwear