Our Team

Barnes Film Festival runs mainly through the hard work and commitment of our Executive Team. All the members have normal jobs elsewhere, and work on the festival in their spare time. If you’re interested in joining our fantastic team, head over to the Volunteer page to check out any current opportunities!

Sam Cullis

Founder & Director

Alex Banks

Assistant Director

Augusto Nembrini


Tereza Jichova

Head of Design

Tamsin IRving


Alison Lock

Marketing Director

Adam Cockerton

Poster Designer

Charlotte Macleod

Special Advisor

Leigh Jenkins


Hannah Donald

Head of Film Sound

Rory Campbell

Motion Graphics Designer

Paula Maguire

Assistant Programmer and Schools Liaison

Thomas Dale

Web Developer

Naomi Westerman

Grass Roots Lead

Anna Pisano

Social Media Coordinator

Miranda Simmons

Sustainable Production Consultant

Isabelle Milligan


Connor Picken


Lorna Hawthorne

Safeguarding Officer

Jack Wilson

Short Fiction

Emma Carleschi


Tom Loan

Sustainability Lead

Viktorija Faith


Iveta Trifonova

Interview Coordinator

Fred Bhat

Lead Presenter

Billy Kennedy

Youth Showcase Curator

Mark Mair

Online Streaming Coordinator