London Breeze Film Festival

Barnes Film Festival programme – what to expect in 2021!

Our sixth edition of the Barnes Film Festival is just around the corner and it is safe to say you will not be disappointed as we have planned various film screenings, fascinating talks, workshops, and intriguing discussions for you! While all the planned activities will be celebrating young talent, they will also be raising awareness on different issues related to diversity, equality, eco problems, identity and many more. From discussions on environmental sustainability for the Film & TV Industry to the lead singer of Bastille discussing his film club, there will be something for everyone! Continue reading to find out what we have planned for you in 2021!

On our opening night, 17th June, expect to see LIMBO – a film, recently nominated for two BAFTA awards for Best British Film, as well as for Best Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer. The focus of the film is on the refugee experience – it tells Omar’s story, a young Syrian musician, and it shows the obstacles and hardships he faces. The film works as a reflection of the complex movement between borders and encourages one to think about the refugees’ lives and experiences. Been Sharrock, the director and writer of the film, has worked for an NGO in refugee camps in Algeria where he made lots of friends. Their personal experiences inspired the creation of LIMBO. The movie screening starts at 9 pm and will be followed by a Q&A session with Ben Sharrock himself!

If you are interested in environmental sustainability in the film industry you should keep your eyes open for BAFTA’s We Are Albert’s talk! Line Producer, Albert Trainer and Miranda Simmons have long been inspiring and motivating filmmakers to move towards eco-friendlier filmmaking. The focus of the talk will be on reducing CO2 emissions and on avoiding waste production.

Another exciting, thought-provoking discussion that should not be missed will be between Paramount’s Executive Vice President , Cameron Saunders and Mostafa Nagy,  a senior lecturer from Ravensbourne University. They will be talking about distribution in the digital age.

We are beyond excited to announce that you’ll be able to join the president of the Iraqi Film Institute (IFI), Maythem Ridha, in a special programme to discuss both the obstacles and the achievements of the Iraqi Cinema. Ridha will be exploring these together with Zainab Al-Hariri and Ahmed Yasin, talented Iraqi filmmakers. Do join that session and learn more about the international film scene!

The pre-recorded Q&A session with Isobel Waller-Bridge, the well-known film and TV composer, best known for the “Fleabag” TV series and critically acclaimed Autumn de Wilde’s adaptation of “Emma”., is another session worth attending.

You are a fan of the famous pop-rock band Bastille? What if we tell you that during BFF, you will be given the chance to attend a session where Dan Smith, Bastille’s lead singer, will be discussing his film club, Distraction Tactics? Yeah, you read that right! The discussion will be between Smith and Charlotte Macleod, a fellow film geek.

You will also be able to join a Live Q&A session with the Guardian’s  Director Laurence Topham, who will be talking about his documentary film ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ which has been listed for a BAFTA in the category of British Short Film.

Last but not least, BFF’s Creative Director, Augusto Nembrini, will be interviewing Larry Smith, a British Cinematographer, who has been working together with Stanley Kubrick, Tom Hopper and Nicolas Winding Refn. Back in 2015, Smith also had a directing debut with Trafficker. This will be an exciting discussion for sure!

The Barnes Film Festival is in less than two weeks and as you can see, it will something for everyone! The various film screenings, talks and interviews will be not only insightful, but they will also acknowledge the creative voices that shape the contemporary creative world. Join us again this year and take part in inspiring conversations. Looking forward to seeing you!

By Biliana Yordanova