London Breeze Film Festival

Waterbear at Cop26

Our lead sponsors Waterbear have been highly active at COP26. Firstly BFF attended the launch of their COP Ness Monster in Grosvenor Square. Messy a sustainably-built artistic impression of the legend of the Loch Ness Monster was present during the duration of Cop26 to highlight the critical need for a circular economy. Waterbear teamed up with the world’s first circular denim brand MUD Jeans and artist Billie Achilleos to create a five metre-long, sustainably-built sculpture shaped like the iconic Loch Ness monster.

In Glasgow Waterbear had two screenings of Youth Unstoppable at both the Extreme Hangout and NYT Climate Hub. In partnership with Planet Shine, they screened Tree of Plenty inside the Official Green Zone at COP, during an event called Voiceless Revolution, amplifying the voices of individuals from some of the most marginalised communities. They held a WaterBear showcase evening featuring a curated selection of some of our best atomic stories including: The Breakdown– introduced by Jack Harries himself.